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Sabtu, 13 Mei 2023

Child Playing Too Many Games? Be Careful With These 6 Diseases!

Child Playing Too Many Games? Be Careful With These 6 Diseases!

Game addiction can trigger various health problems in children. Even though you can rely on cashless outpatient health insurance as extra protection for your health and finances, of course it would be much better if you could prevent your child from becoming addicted, right?

When a child is addicted to playing games, there are several risks of health problems that can happen to your heart. What are these diseases? Check out the list and explanation below so you know more, come on!

Tired Eyes and Impaired Vision

Spending long hours staring at gadget screens has a negative effect on vision. And the danger is not only limited to eye fatigue. The reason is, game addiction can also result in increased minus to damage to the optic nerve.

Joint pain

When playing games, children will constantly be in a position for hours, including bending over or lying down. In fact, this can cause muscles to feel stiff and cause pain in the joints. Not only that, bad posture while playing games will also affect the child's posture in the long run.

Motor Disturbances

When a child is addicted to playing games, he can even sit or lie down all day just to play games. As a result, the body is no longer actively moving, which can then result in a decrease in motor skills. In fact, the child is in a period of growth. If the child instead spends that period lying down more, their growth will not be optimal. Plus, a body that is less active is also more at risk of developing obesity, which is a risk factor for various chronic diseases.

Hemorrhoids or Hemorrhoids

Spending time sitting for too long can cause blood circulation to not be smooth. This can then cause the veins in the rectum area to be pushed, which can cause these veins to bulge. When the condition is severe, the bulge of the blood vessels can cause pain and heat.

Decreased Metabolic Function

As previously explained, addiction to playing games can cause the body to move less. As a result, the muscles are unable to do physical activity, which then causes a decrease in the body's metabolic function. In the long term, this will lead to decreased muscle mass, back pain, decreased immune system, and obesity.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This syndrome is a muscle injury characterized by tingling sensations, numbness, weakness, and damage to the muscles of the fingers and wrists. This condition is triggered by pressure on the nerves in the wrist which are tense. In fact, these nerves function to move the fingers and hands.

Those were the 6 risks of disease that lurk if a child is addicted to playing games. For extra protection for children and families, choose quality and trusted cashless outpatient health insurance as your mainstay.

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